Friday, February 24, 2012

Yet another NAILED IT!

Well, this one is all on me.  With the introduction of Pinterest, my non-creative juices have begun flowing.    I love seeing all the cute artsy stuff they display and I know it's not a possibility that they would end up looking like that if I tried them.  However, it hasn't stopped me from trying.
For Christmas-ish my mom and Dave found a very nice used sewing machine.  I had told them I wanted one to just repair hems, simple stitches, etc.  They found one at a refurbishing shop for me.  I did some practice runs on different materials then dove in to my first project.  Since my weight loss, I have many t-shirts that are way too big for me now so I found a project where you cut and sew them to make your own reusable grocery bags.  It actually wasn't a flop.  It's not the prettiest thing I've ever done, but it is functional.  I have a couple other simple sewing projects that shouldn't be too bad.
But, then I got the brilliant idea that I could be doing something amazing like my mom does.  My mom actually helped start her church's Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Prayer shawls are just that.  They are a beautiful shawl that as they are being knitted, prayers go into them.  They are then given to individuals/families during challenging times and those prayers are laid over them when they put them on.  They are very beautiful yet also very comforting.  This isn't the site of my mom's group, but this is the basic premise.
So I got in my head I needed to be doing something like this but I knew I needed to start small and learn first.  So I got both a "Knitting for Dummies" kit and "Crochet Scarf Kit".  There have been many "Pins" with cute crochet things and I thought I would try that first.  That was my first mistake.
The first issue I had was creating the stupid slip knot.  I know how to make a slip knot, but on a crochet needle added a new challenge.  After half an hour and four youtube tutorial videos later, I finally had a slip knot to start the project.  So here's the package of what I was working towards.
Notice the words "it's easy" and "beginner" on the package.  Don't let those fools suck you in to thinking either of those things.
So I got my chain going.  I restarted it a couple of times finally getting the feel for how tight, how to hold everything, etc.  I did not, however, restart the stupid slip knot.  I made sure that stayed put each restart.  So I was trying to follow the directions, which are in English, but these are words I don't know.    Words like foundation chain and half double crochet stitches.  Other foreign words like "begin the second row" seemed to elude me.  So in my oblivious proud bliss of making my "foundation chain" I kept going.  I ended up with this....
I know it doesn't look like much but it's actually about 5 yards long.  The directions called for a chain of 16.  I think I have about 18 times that much, but I couldn't figure out how to turn around.  There's a part in the directions that say "make half double crochet stitch" that kept eluding me.  I think it has to be because of the purple yarn.  I bet if I try a different color it will totally work.  So once again I can cry out "NAILED IT!"  Better yet, I'm sure I can totally find a market for Barbie scarves or if I make the home made Mod Podge recipe I can glue it to a vase and it will totally make that beautiful.  Always the resourceful one I am.

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