Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Special Kind of Crazy

4:30am.  Alarm goes off.  What kind of crazy woman gets up at 4:30am if she doesn't have to?  Yeah, you guessed it.  I do.
4:30am is get up for workout time.  My crazy friend, Dana, organizes a Tuesday/Thursday aerobic session that starts at 4:45am.  Today was step aerobics and she kicked my butt.    I love that each day is different though.  We do all things from exercise balls to bands to weights to just abs.  My least favorites are the interval training and ultimate workout.  They make me suck air rather hard.  But as much as I love to hate them, they do give me some of the best workouts.
So tomorrow 4:30am is going to go off again and it's a day in the high school weight room.  Dana meets me there and pushes me hard on the treadmill, weights and any other torture device she can find.  If Chris is there, she pushes me hard also.  I love those friends that are there for me through this weight loss.  They are great motivators and I couldn't do this without them.

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