Monday, February 27, 2012

Interesting weekend

Unfortunately I can say that I have ridden in an ambulance before.  Unfortunately I can also say that I've ridden in an ambulance from a school before.  However, I had not ridden in one from West Marshall until Friday.   I don't care to do it again.
Thursday I started feeling horrible.  I would get really hot and flushed.  I felt dizzy, light headed, etc.  I thought maybe I was getting the flu.  I went to the school nurse and had her check my blood pressure.  It was 130 over 90 or something close to that.  That's very high for me.  Even when I was pregnant, the bottom number barely hit 80.
Eventually the bad feelings passed and I kind of dismissed it.  Friday morning they hit again only this time I was having chest pains.  With history of heart disease in my family, I started panicking.  I thought maybe I was having a panic attack, so I went into my classroom, turned off the lights and tried to calm myself down.  It wasn't working.  I called down to the office and asked for my principal to come help.  From there things were kind of a blur.
The next thing I remember is being in the ambulance on the way to Marshalltown.  Mike met us there and they started running tests.  Xrays, bloodwork, history.  The works.
They quickly ruled out my heart which I was very grateful.  My bloodwork also came back very good.
So for the next 3 hours we waited in the E.R.   The room wouldn't stop spinning.  Finally the nurse came in and told us what they were thinking.  I had an inner ear infection.  What?!?!?!  How could an inner ear infection cause all those other symptoms.
The infection was causing Vertigo which was making both me and the room spin.  When the Vertigo would "flare up"  (that's the only way I know to describe this) it would cause my blood pressure to rise.  When that rose, my heart was pumping harder which was causing the pain in my chest.  They were all related.
So I went home with a motion sickness patch behind my ear.  I also am not allowed to drive or walk up and downstairs.  Friday night and Saturday I was fine as long as I was laying down.  Got very boring.  I as able to read since that was up close, but I had a hard time watching tv as that distance made the room spin.
Sunday was a little better and I was able to sit up most of the day.  Today I'm going to attempt school as long as I can sit down most of the time.  I'm not promising I'll make the whole day, but I need to try.
The dr. did say that even when the infection is cleared up, Vertigo is something I could deal with for the rest of my life.
Now I have an excuse to be dizzy and clumsy.  Unfortunately I could have used this excuse a long time ago.

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