Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New stuff

So this post is for my friend Kara who said I haven't written a post for a long time and she has been waiting.  If she reads this I should hear from her.
A lot has been going on in our lives.  With only 25 days left of school, the year is winding down quickly, but there is still so much to cram in that short time.
Brittany had her field trip Thursday before Easter.  Many grades are doing field trips and makes it difficult to get ready for a concert.  Our Spring concert is next Tuesday.  I think it's going to be a lot of fun to attend as each grade level has a theme.   Kdg is doing an animal theme.  1st grade is doing all Folk Songs.  2nd grade is doing all holiday songs.  Holidays other than Christmas that is.  3rd grade is doing a mini-musical called Music Class.  4th graders are doing two songs on their recorders and then their musical is about positive character.  5th grade is doing a musical all about jazz music.  I've had a slight shortage of rehearsals, so we've had to cram memory into a few grades, but we'll make it just in time.  I'm always ready to be done with a concert though.
T-ball started for Rachel tonight.  We haven't even heard from Brittany's coach yet, which is disturbing and disappointing.  Rachel really wanted to do t-ball again this year, so I hope she's successful.
Seth has Kindergarten round-up on Thursday.  My baby's going to Kindergarten!!!!  He's had a great year in pre-school and he's definitely ready to move on.  Round-up should be fun.  We were told at inservice this afternoon that we have 89 scheduled to come Thurs/Fri.  That's a lot of kiddos.
Mike finally moved to his new position at his same job.  He's now working normal-people hours.  He leaves about 7:15 in the morning, so he gets to see the kids before he leaves and then he's home about 4:30 every night.  He's working Mon-Fri and has every weekend and holiday off.  No more weekends and holidays for us.  There might be the occasional Saturday if they get extra busy or backed up, but it should be rare.  He comes home in a much better state of mind.  His new job is loading the rail cars with the ethanol, so he's moving them around on the track.
My news is that I'm finally going to be full-time next year.  It's been 3 years at 80% time and I love the job, it was just God's timing.
I'm also totally into couponing.  I've had a couple of very successful trips and saved a huge amount and I'm hooked.  I have awesome people at school that save their coupons for me.  I'm going to try to not turn into the crazy coupon people on TLC, and I don't have the room or time for a "stock pile room"so I doubt you'll see me on TV, but I'm having fun teaching the girls about living frugally and respecting every penny that God has blessed us with.
I'm also gearing up for garage sale season!!!!!  My favorite time of year.  Now, I don't need clothes for myself as my mom has totally set me up in that area.  She and I both are losing weight so as we go down sizes, I get her hand-me-downs.  However, I love shopping for the kids.  I find the year's worth of clothes.  I'm very torn this year though.  My favorite town to go is on May 12 and there is a class I need to take to renew my teaching license and they fall on the same day.   Hmmmmm, which is more important?  License renewal or garage sales?
Well, I'll stop the updating with that.  That's enough news for one day.  I'll try not to get so far behind.  How's that, Kara?