Friday, March 9, 2012

Shower Escapades

This is how I start my Friday morning.  Sometimes with my mornings I can't decide if I should laugh or cry.  Sometimes I cry because I'm laughing so hard.  It's one thing to step into the shower and see a pair of goggles, but when it's accompanied by a snorkel, well.....
I'm sorry, there's just no words for this.
So here's the picture of just the goggles.  That is their permanent spot because bathing with just a mermaid doll and an alligator just isn't enough.  That's what's next to the goggles.  Oh, yeah, that is watering can with a smiley face next to it too.
Those of you that are lucky enough to have a bathroom of your own probably can't relate very well.  This is the results of an older home that only has one and a half baths.  This is how families used to have to live all the time.  However, I don't think they had to share snorkels that many years ago.
The only redeeming part of this morning is that it's Pajama Day at school today.  When I couldn't stop laughing over the snorkel in my bathtub I didn't have to worry about redoing my mascara because I was crying from laughing too hard.  You just never know in this house.

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