Sunday, March 18, 2012

Piano recitals, spring break and misc...

Last Sunday we had the girls' piano recital.  For those of you questioning this, no I do not teach my own kids piano.  When Brittany entered 1st grade she was already reading chapter books so I thought she was ready for lessons.  I decided that if I wanted my children to live, I better not teach them myself.  I can teach other kids, just as long as they're not my own.  Speaking of which, I might start teaching after school next year.  Hint, hint.

I recorded the two girls playing their pieces.  Brittany's song was titled "A Quiet Place".  She did very well on it and even had it memorized.  Rachel's was called "Black Cat's Waltz" which her teacher played the duet with her.

In other news, we've been on spring break since Thursday.  We have one more day tomorrow, then back to it on Tuesday.  The weather has been 80s every day which makes it even better.  Often, if you even get them, spring breaks are a waste.  Lousy weather, sometimes even snow.  Usually we have so many snow days we don't ever get a break.  This one was long overdue.
Teachers needed a break from kids.  Kids needed a break from teachers.  Teachers needed a break from other teachers.  I think we'll be ready to finish out the year now.  We only have 40 some days left.  It can't be that bad.
Due to the awesome weather for break, we've been outside non-stop.  The kids have been riding bikes, playing with neighbor kids, sandboxing, etc.  They've had so much fun and played so hard that it's been  an every-night-bath week here at our house.
I guess there isn't much misc., it just felt like it in my head.  I have a big to-do list for this break and none of it's getting done.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so there's a chance I'll get to cross something off.

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